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About Trofit

TROFIT | Your Home Fitness & Nutrition Club, emphasises fitness next to your doorstep. The system also includes a trainer whom you can hire at any time. Plus, with combination nutrition, you get the fastest results beyond your expectations. Besides, we solve the problems of cost, convenience, service, quality of community, brand of club in a condo, and value of a lifestyle.

TROFIT is a revolutionary and innovative company in the fitness industry, a slimming company organised by a group of professional fitness coaches and nutritionists. We not only provide high-quality fitness and slimming products but also professional programmes for customers. To become Southeast Asia’s leading fitness and slimming online company,

TROFIT promotes the central idea of being slimmer, healthier, and wealthier.

Our mission is to use innovative technologies on the Internet to provide a full range of bodybuilding and slimming products with a light capital investment. With this new retail model, we will assist people who love bodybuilding and those who want to lose weight to be able to not just bodybuild and lose weight but also start a business, grow together, transformtogether, and achieve your dreams together!

TROFIT also provides a complete entrepreneurial reward system, professional training system, and technology to help develop your career and promote it to the global market tocreate extraordinary performance!


Founder’s Message

Dazu Chong

” There are nearly 70 million people in Southeast Asia, and 60% of them are plagued by obesity and overweight. Obesity has also become a mainstream problem in the current society!

We must not ignore the harm caused by obesity to the human body! From physical to mental, obesity is our invisible health killer! I have always been very fond of sports, but I couldn’t lose weight, until I met my friend who is a fitness trainer and a nutritionist. This is when I found out If I am not able to reduce the visceral fats, and eliminate toxins in my body, it will be very hard for me to lose weight. Moreover, to loose weight with the lack of Nutrition? It’s easier said than done! That is why most people gave up on losing weight. What’s more, some people get three different diseases because of obesity.

In order to encourage and support more people to lose weight in a more healthy and effective way, my team and I, together with multinational fitness coaches, nutritionists and international manufacturer with nearly 12 months of planning, TROFIT finally established in 2022.

Not only do we provide high-quality products and effective weight loss guides, we even provide free professional fitness and exercise courses. I hope that through TROFIT, this revolutionary innovation and all-round bodybuilding and slimming enterprise, can help more people to loose weight and to become a more healthier and fitter! “

Let us become fit fighter warriors together!

Triple Pro-Active Fitness & Nutrition Program


TROFIT Pro-active Fitness & Nutrition program, 1 package with 8 magnificent results! With scientific basis of weight management, dietary nutrition and safety assurance, TROFIT helps people to achieve a more healthier andeffective way for weight loss in a short period of time.

With a healthy diet plan provided by nutritionist and exercises provided by professional fitness coaches that are easy to follow, you will be able to achieve your weight goals and energy level in 30 days.

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