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TROFIT | A Proactive Nutrition that operates from the comfort to improve a healthy lifestyle. 

Aspires everyone to unite and a life of Fitness, Wellness and Happiness. Our Nutrition line is
created by Professional Athletes and Nutritionists. We aim to provide high-quality Proactive 
 Nutritious Products while building a Community of Supportive and
Positive Fit Fighters.

Trofit Fitness Transformation Combo

TFT – 30 Days combo

TFT Combo is a comprehensive set of diet, slimming, and nutrition formulations created by professional coaches and nutritionists to provide you with a complete nutrition, protein max, natural fat burner, and sleeptox to help you sleep better and detox.

Gain fitness in 30 days without a strict diet!

The TFT Combo provides triple slimming and fitness results, with each package providing eight benefits.

1. High protein
2. Nutrition
3. Antibody
4. Slimming
5. Fat-burning
6. Sleep Well
7. Detox
8. Whitening

TFT Combo Including:

  1. TROFIT ProteinMax x 2
  2. TROFIT Reset x 1
  3. TROFIT Sleeptox x 1
Free Limited Edition Shaker (Worth of RM 45) 
Free 1 Year Membership (Worth of RM 20)

Free Shipping (Nationwide Malaysia)

RM 936.00

Product GuideBooks

Proteinmax GuideBook



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